The 2023-2024 yearbooks are now available for order! Here’s all the information you need to order your very own. 
1.    Ordering Online
a.    You can order your very own yearbook through the provided website below. If you have experience ordering online, this will be a cinch.

2.    It needs to be noted that the process is slightly different this year that the last few. For some extra guidance when ordering your yearbook, please watch the video below. 

3.    The school does provide a deadline in order to compile all orders into one bulk shipment to the school. In order to save on shipping costs for your order, the publisher has set a deadline for May 17, 2024. If there are enough books ordered by that date, there will be no shipping costs attached to the yearbooks. 

4.    Your options for purchase:
a.    Hardcover -    $35.00 
b.    Softcover -      $25.00 

If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact Gerard Beaton at